Case Study 1 | Preventing Contamination

A prune processing company used liquid Potassium Sorbate as a food grade preservative to process their prunes. The preservative was drawn from an IBC to a spray assembly on the packaging line where it was sprayed onto the prunes just prior to them being boxed for storage and shipment. The production manager was directly concerned about food safety in regards to the cleanliness of the preservative: the top of the IBC was opened to allow the product pump pick up line to be inserted into the IBC. Additionally, the IBC was located remotely in an area away from the packaging line, preventing the production manager from monitoring the process and ensuring that no contamination had occurred.

How could the method for drawing the food preservative out of the IBC be improved to guarantee the safety of the food grade product?

The production manager heard about the KleenConnect Safety-Feed™ system, which had been recently added to their production boiler chemical feed system, and inquired about its use for food ingredients. The water treatment company responded by giving their source for the KleenConnect Safety-Feed™ to the production manager, who contacted the supplier for the Potassium Sorbate food preservative and gave them the information. The production manager was delighted when, a week later, the supplier showed up to install a new KleenConnect Sani-Feed™ system to their IBC container that enabled the Potassium Sorbate to be drawn from the IBC without any openings to the IBC. This greatly reduced the risk of contamination because the patented venting cap on the KleenConnect Sani-Feed™ system allowed the IBC to breathe without leaving a large opening on the IBC, exposing the food preservative to contamination.

Results: Increased food safety due to sealed IBC; potential cost savings on insurance due to reduced risk of food preservative contamination.

Case Study 2 | Safely Diluting a 5.1 Oxidizer Onsite

A winery wanted to use a product known for its excellent sanitizing capabilities, but because the product in its concentrated form was considered a 5.1 oxidizer, their safety officer would not allow it to be used.

How could we help the winery find a way for its workers to safely dilute the 5.1 oxidizer without the worker ever being exposed to the hazardous concentrate?

Our Safety-Feed™ adapters were installed on portable sanitation carts. The cart contained a water-driven pump that drew the concentrated hazardous chemical directly from a 15-gallon container attached to the portable cart. The 15-gallon container had our KleenConnect Safety-Feed™ system installed, which enabled the worker to connect the cart system to the 15-gallon container without ever being exposed to the concentrated product. The safety officer reviewed the operation and approved the use of 10 carts throughout the facility to safely dilute the product without risking worker exposure. They are now able to use Paracetic Acid Sanitizer greatly improving their sanitation program without increasing their exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Results: Reduced risk of worker exposure to chemicals; time savings due to faster changing out of empty containers; potential cost savings on insurance due to reduced risk of worker exposure and increased sanitation with the stronger sanitizer.

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