Forklift Entryway Sanitizing System

The easiest, least expensive, and quickest way to sanitize the tires of a forklift before entering critical control areas.

kleenconnect forklift entryway sanitizing system

KleenConnect’s Forklift Entryway Sanitizing System attaches to any forklift without the need to drill or bolt anything. Our patented system uses rare earth magnets to allow the installer to quickly outfit any forklift with a sanitizing system with just a few basic tools. Its unique high pressure hand pump dispenses one ounce per application of sanitizer to the wheels of the lift, quickly killing micro organisms on contact. It’s ready to use sanitizers attach quickly and safely to the system using out patented Safety Feeds™

A full length pickup tube is connected to the Safety Feed™ adapter and comes pre-installed in each gallon of ready to use sanitizer. This virtually eliminates the risk of direct chemical contact and ensures that all of the sanitizer is drawn out of each container.

To order these systems for your fleet or to get more information, contact us or ask your forklift maintenance company to provide them.

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