Sanitizer Selection

These sanitizers have been specifically formulated to be compatible with all of the materials of construction used in the Forklift Entryway Sanitizing System.

NO TRACK BACK I is a ready to use quick drying product that contains an alcohol sanitizer with a quat residual. This sanitizer has been proven to kill 99.999% of 9 tested pathogens as a contact surface sanitizer. It is highly evaporative, non-corrosive, ideal for low moisture environments. (SDS)

NO TRACK BACK II is a ready to use sanitizer that contains a peracetic acid solution. This sanitizer has been proven to kill 99.999% of many pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, and E- Coli within 30 seconds of contact time. Ideal for use when Quat type sanitizers are not desired. (SDS)

Both sanitizers feature a full length pickup tube that is connected to the Safety Feed™ adapter and comes pre-installed in each gallon of ready to use sanitizer. This virtually eliminates the risk of direct chemical contact and also ensures that all of the sanitizer is drawn out of each container.